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James Bowie was a 19th-century American pioneer and freemason who played a prominent After moving to Texas in , Bowie became a Mexican citizen and married Ursula .. The article focused primarily on the exploits of Jim Bowie.

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On September 19, , near Natchez, Jim Bowie participated in the On April 25, , in San Antonio, Bowie married Ursula de Veramendi.

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Miss Ursula de Veramindi, age 19, married Colonel James "Jim" Bowie, age 35, on April 25, in San Fernando de Bejar. Bowie became engaged to his business partner's daughter, Ursula. Cholera moved to Monclova, Mexico instead and Ursula and both small children, Marie Josepha Elve.

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Directly or indirectly, James Bowie's (aka Jim) enigmatic illness during the siege While in Natchez he learned the news that his wife had passed away due to.

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James Bowie was an American frontiersman and one of the leaders of the Texas Jones Bowie; Died: March 6, in San Antonio, Mexican Texas; Spouse.

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Señora Candelaria's Account of the Death of Jim Bowie Lieutenant A. M. Dickenson catching up his wife and child on his horse on the way.