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Learn about Trisha Paytas: her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun Her half-sister Kallii Metz and her mother Lenna Paytas also started their.

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Trisha Kay Paytas is an American media personality, recording artist, actress, and entrepreneur .. Paytas, Trisha [@trishpaytas] (December 26, ). "My parents were divorced since I was 3 and my sister is my half sister" (Tweet). Archived.

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toukokuu tykkäystä, 38 kommenttia - Trisha Paytas (@trishapaytas) Instagramissa: ” with my sisters @kalgator @the_loveleeb:) #FamilyDinner”.

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YouTube sensation's gorgeous mum Lenna and her beauty blogger sister are making their mark on the spotlight now Trisha is in the house.

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Replying to @trishapaytas · @trishapaytas @Kalgator Trish looks like a young Hilary duff in the left pic and she's got the zig-zag hair part going oning the .

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my sister is back on youtube and making videos regularly! she posted 2 new ones:) watch her latest @trishapaytas I love how much you support your sister !!.

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Its odd to me that people think she looks white. To me she doesnt. In the pic with her dad she looks like a 90s throwback Faith Evans/ Charli.

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Trisha Kay Paytas (born May 8, ) is an American actress, entertainer, model, author and Interesting Facts About Trisha Paytas Kalli Metz (Half Sister).

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COMEDY; David Dobrik; Jason Nash; PODCAST; Trisha Paytas; YouTube tells the story of when his childhood friend almost killed his sister.