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Stam® 80 EDF is a Herbicide that contains Propanil. Buy Inputs the easy way with FBN Direct and enjoy transparent pricing and an unbiased product list which .

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View the product label for Stam 80 EDF from RiceCo. See active ingredients, product application, restrictions, and more.

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Jun 23, In order to protect health and the environment, the Administrator, on his .. Stam ® 80 EDF herbicide for postemergence weed control in rice is.

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Stam 80 EDF is a Herbicide for Selective control of post-emergence, weeds: Formualtion is gr/kg Propanil as a Extruded Dry Flowable jeffersonsiow.com highest.

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Aug 6, Stam® 80 EDF herbicide for postemergence weed control in rice is formulated as an 80% active . The order of addition to water should be dry.

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Buy high quality Propanil from toronto research chemicals Inc. Riceshot; Rogue; Stam; Stam 80EDF; Stam F 34; Stam M 4; Stampede ; Strel; .

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Riselect; Rogue; Rosanil; S ; S; Stam; Stam 80EDF; Stam F 34; Stam LV 10; Stam M-4; Stam supernox; Stampede; Stampede ; Stampede 3E; .

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Jan 1, sequential treatments in order to develop, in integration with . and smallflower control (80% and 96%, respectively). .. Stam 80 EDF-CA.