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Europe is facing a new wave of terrorism as radicalised individuals Isis fighters taking an indirect route back from Syria or Iraq to Europe.

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6 days ago US doesn't want to watch 'fighters permeate Europe' with caliphate 'ready Donald Trump has told the EU it must take back its Isis fighters.

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French president François Hollande blamed the 'terrorist army Daesh (ISIS)' France has been more active in Syria than any other European Member State.

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What ISIS is doing in Iraq is much more fundamental and much more dangerous. It is an extreme copy of Europe's religious wars of the sixteenth century.

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The Islamic State didn't initially target the West, but that has changed—and hundreds of jihadists will soon be returning home with their European passports.

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19 hours ago In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump has said European countries should take back and put on trial hundreds of ISIS fighters who.