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The Etruscan Shrew (Suncus etruscus) which at about cm and 2 g is the smallest living Unlike most mammals, some species of shrew are venomous.

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These are some of the smallest animals in the World. The Etruscan shrew ( Suncus etruscus), also known as the Etruscan Pygmy Shrew and the White- toothed.

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Top etruscan-shrew-lies-van-rompaey-wiki. Share. © OneKind Registered charity no. SC 50 Montrose Terrace Edinburgh EH7 5DL UK.

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Elephant Shrew, An Elephant, Cute Baby Animals, Rare Animals, Can Dogs Eat, Pet Mice, Animal Magnetism, Baby .. from jeffersonsiow.com

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I do (I got a hedgehog, so I notice the resemblance) but if you're nt looking for Compare to the Etruscan shrew that only weighs grams!.

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It's an etruscan shrew which I found a photo of in one of my books, which I then drew. Etruscan It was so I could PET the small furry things.

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Etruscan pygmy shrew for the title of world's smallest mammal. At issue is whether skull size or mass defines "smallest"; shrews are lighter but the bumblebee's.

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"Rufous elephant shrew (Delacouri) will you buy me this ugly animal for my birthday? from jeffersonsiow.com .. The world's smallest mammal by mass is the Etruscan Shrew (Suncus etruscus), also known as the Etruscan Pygmy.