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s[edit]. Baird installs a television at 10 Downing Street, London, the British Prime The first television revue, Looking In, is broadcast on the BBC. First broadcast of The Ed Sullivan Show and Texaco Star Theater.

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The invention of the television was the work of many individuals in the late 19th century and On March 25, , Baird gave the first public demonstration of televised silhouette images in Since human faces had inadequate contrast to show up on his primitive system, he televised a talking, moving ventriloquist's dummy.

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That TV station aired its first broadcast on July 2, One of In , the program was thought to be broadcast only to four television sets.

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It depends on what exactly you wish to define as a "TV show", as the first regular broadcasts ever transmitted were that of weather & farming reports broadcast.

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On June 25, , CBS broadcast the very first commercial color TV program. Unfortunately, nearly no one could watch it since most people.

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Jan. 13, Alexanderson demonstrates the GE system and announces the beginning of television broadcasting. The pictures were received.