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Grab your big bottle of WKD Blue and split the drink between the 6 glasses. Last big bottle Bacardi Breezer Orange split again but this time pour very slowly this is because it forms a 2 tone drink of blue and yellow. Grab 6 straws wack one in each glass stir the drink carefully.

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Pour all ingredients into glass. Stir well. The drink should turn green. Profile. Flavor: Base Spirit: Vodka. Still Thirsty? Sign Up for the jeffersonsiow.com

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Green Frog Cocktail Recipe. Collection of Cocktails and mixed drinks recipes.

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Easy to make and delicious cocktail. I was introduced to this by a friend and have made it a few times since.

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Ingredients: 1 oz. Dark rum; 1/4 oz. Blue curaçao; 1 dash Crème de menthe ( clear); 4 oz. Orange juice; 12 oz. Ice (crushed).

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The juicy frog drink consists of vodka, triple sec, lime cordial, sweet and sour mix, and soda for a perfectly balance cocktail that is fun to say.

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Green Frog Mixed Drink Want to be invited to the next party? Make this your go-to party drink and you'll be invited every time. I promise.

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Learn how to mix a swamp frog cocktail! Ingredients: * 2 gal Vodka * 1 L Lemon juice * 5 lb Sugar * 4 L Sprite Instructions: Mix ingredients in a large tub or cooler .

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Make and share this Dead Green Frog recipe from Genius Kitchen. “Drink recipe found on jeffersonsiow.com OP Andi C. serving size for a 1 oz shotglass”.