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The brain controls our thoughts, memory and speech, movement of the arms and Cerebrum: is the largest part of the brain and is composed of right and left.

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Broca's area, located in the left hemisphere, is associated with speech PPA is caused by degeneration in the parts of the brain that control speech and.

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Language processing refers to the way humans use words to communicate ideas and feelings, Because almost all language input was thought to funnel via Wernicke's area and all language output to funnel via Broca's area, it became extremely "Neural mechanisms underlying auditory feedback control of speech".

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Speech and other language abilities are lateralized brain functions, meaning they are all located on one For most people, the left hemisphere controls language.

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Have you ever wondered how our minds form words? Or how you understand what other people are saying? The answer to these questions lies in.

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Discovering what side of the brain controls speech is more complicated than it seems. The answer may not be quite that simple and might surprise you.