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There are many programs available that allow you to track visitors on your site, how they got to you and what they did while they were there. The statistics can be .

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You're not alone. Most people have no idea that hits are meaningless. A "million hits" does not mean that a million people visited a website.

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A hit is a request to a web server for a file There may be many hits per page view since an HTML page can contain multiple files, such as images. See also[edit].

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What's the difference between a website hit and visit? That means if they follow a link off your page and then come back, they are counted.

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Hits – A single file request in the access log of a Web server. For example, a request for an HTML page with three graphic images will result in four hits in the log.

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A hit is recorded for each resource that is downloaded from a web server. It explains in computing terminology what Hit means and is one of.

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Conclusion: hits are not a reliable way to measure website traffic. Strictly speaking, “one visitor” means “one person” based on the definitions given above.

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Web traffic is measured in visits, sometimes called "sessions," and is a common first viewed as the most important means of determining a website's popularity, .

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A request for a Web page counts as a hit, but so does a request for a graphic on a Web page. Since the number of graphics per page can vary considerably, hits.

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Also called a page hit. The retrieval of any item, like a page or a graphic, from a Web server.