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If a ferritin test shows higher than normal levels, it could indicate that you have a condition that causes your body to store too much iron. It could.

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Causes of high ferritin levels. Ferritin levels that are too high can indicate certain conditions. One example is hemochromatosis.

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Elevated ferritin levels are usually due to causes such as acute or chronic inflammation, chronic alcohol consumption, liver disease, renal.

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A high ferritin level may be the initial marker to make your doctor suspect hemochromatosis. Over time, ferritin is a way to monitor iron overload status.

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A healthy man in his late 30s was found to have elevated ferritin levels, . A diagnosis of aceruloplasminemia was therefore made on the basis.

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A ferritin blood test shows how much iron is stored in your body. It uses some of the iron it gets from food right away to make oxygen in the.