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Spain travel adaptors With so much to see and do, discovering all the delights of Spain can take a bit of planning. It's important to arm yourself with knowledg.

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Travelling to Spain? You live in South Africa? all electrical information you need for your trip, adapters, cables, plugs, etc.

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Check your need for a power plug (travel) adapter in Spain. In Spain the power plugs and sockets are of type F. The standard voltage is V and the frequency .

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I was in several cities in Portugal 2 months ago and saw only the same plugs as the previous post describes, the same as in Spain.

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Inside Spain: Electricity Info for Spain - Before you visit Spain, visit TripAdvisor for the The adapter plug can be bought at Amazon or at many travel stores.

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What power adapter do you need for Spain? A guide to plug sockets, converters, voltages and power adapters used in Spain.

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Find Spanish voltage and plug style information so you know whether Countries use the same power supply and the same plugs as Spain.

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AC USA to Spain Plug Adapter - ACUPWR (TM). +. European Travel Charger, Power-7 2Pack A/5V Universal Dual Port USB. +. European Travel Plug.

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The flat European standard fit into the Spanish sockets. In addition, the Schuko plug CEE 7/7. Most Europeans do not need to buy an adapter plug for Spain, it all .

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Electrical plugs in Spain. Electricity and travel adaptor tips from Lonely Planet.