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B. 05 SINGAPORE 1. (SBU) Summary: The Government of Singapore (GOS ) is attempting to steer the economy to become more knowledge-based and.

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TE - Telegram (cable). Office Origin: - N/A or Blank Office Action: - N/A or Blank Archive Status: - Not Assigned From: Singapore Singapore. Markings .

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After combing through some diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks on Singapore, our reaction was: Really? That's it? No revelation that.

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Officials in Singapore are sweating the release Sunday of a fresh batch of cables that show top leaders of the tiny island nation being a little too.

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Some leaked diplomatic cables from the United States Embassy in Singapore were published online last week, revealing confidential.

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Latest WikiLeaks cables include from Singapore and many more but I don't know how to find in wikileaks. The above link are from TR.

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Singapore: Singaporean diplomats think the leaders of some close Asian allies including neighbouring Malaysia are corrupt, incompetent or.