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Granger is intelligent, patient, and confident in the strength of the human spirit. He is committed to What was the occupation of Granger's grandfather? Sculptor.

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Unlike Millie, over whose death Montag feels nothing, Granger's grandfather contributed in concrete ways to society. He was sculptor who carved wood.

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What is Guy Montag's occupation in Fahrenheit ? A fireman. He is a firefighter but he isn't really a firefighter--he is actually burning books. Their job is to take.

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From the text: "Listen," said Granger, taking his arm, and walking with him, holding aside the. bushes to let him pass. "When I was a boy my.

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What was the occupation of Granger's grandfather? Fireman What does Granger's group do before heading for the city after the bombing? Eat breakfast; Pray.

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Granger says that Montag is important because he represents their “back-up Granger tells him a story about the death of his grandfather, stressing that his.

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What was the occupation of Granger's grandfather? A. Senator. B. Fireman. C. Sculptor. D. Racecar driver. 6. Which of the following books of.

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Her grandfather Her uncle Her father Her mother INCORRECT!!! Try Again CORRECT Next Question 5. What was the occupation of Granger's grandfather?.