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It comes from the word "zing" which means to fool or rediculous someone. and just for a And later the series added the "a" to it, and then it became "Bazinga".

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Bazinga! It's an interjection used to rub a good joke in someone's face or cheer yourself on after a personal win, popularized as the catchphrase.

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bazinga. New Word Suggestion. A word used in accompaniment with a funny prank. It is used instead of phrases such as "got you" or "fooled you". Additional.

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One of them is certainly the American sitcom, The Big Bang Theory and it's cool slang ''Bazinga''. Bazinga (spelled “buzzinga”) is Sheldon Cooper's (Jim.

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bazinga definition: Interjection 1. Exclamation indicating a successful trick or prank. 2. Exclamation indicating a successful outcome or sudden realization. 3.

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It is interesting just how long some TV shows took before "classic" attributes of the show actually first showed up. For instance, the Sheldon.

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English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Probably from zing. Popularized as the catchphrase of the character Sheldon Cooper on the American sitcom The Big Bang.

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Its Sheldon's word and apparently he made it up. Its an an interjection, like wow or Homer Simpson's "D'oh!" Please enter between 2 and

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We know the intention, and we know the situation where it is used, but what does it actually mean:) Well put simple, "Bazinga" is considered to.