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In the jiu jitsu community no two words can strike fear into a room quite like "knee reaping". The simple placement of one leg in a position of leg.

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Leg/knee reaping when doing a foot lock is a very controversial topic in BJJ today . Some say that the act of reaping the leg is dangerous and.

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Contrary to its name, reaping the knee when it is used generally doesn't actually put much pressure on the knee. Also, when it does the victim.

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Basically, leg reaping is something I hear about all the time on the forum but Here's Marcelo doing his 1 leg x guard, which is not a knee reap.

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I have heard different answers to this, but why exactly is reaping the knee illegal in competition?.

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So we've all probably heard the story that knee reaping was banned a long time ago to prevent guys from catch and sambo from entering and.

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Hands up if you know of any other grappling based sport that understands and treats the position 'reaping the knee' the same way as BJJ.

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Does your gym allow Knee Reaping? I know that most gyms don't, primarily because they follow the IBJJF rules (most important and.

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Knee reaping is a very controversial topic in the jiu jitsu community and is illegal in many BJJ tournaments, such as IBJJF. What is knee reaping? Knee reaping.