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A slip-off slope is a depositional landform that occurs on the inside convex bank of a meandering river. The term can refer to two different features: one in a freely .

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The build-up of deposited sediment is known as a slip-off slope Deposition will occur to cut off the original meander, leaving a horseshoe-shaped oxbow lake.

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What are Slip-Off Slopes? A gentle slope formed as a result of the deposition on the inner bank. How are Slip-off Slopes formed?.

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The slip-off slope is the inside bank of a meander on a river where sedimentary material is deposited as a result of the slower flow rate. It is on the opposite side.

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slip-off slope See MEANDER. Source for information on slip-off slope: A Dictionary of Earth Sciences dictionary.

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Slip-off slope definition is - a comparatively gentle slope often produced on the downstream face of a meander spur.

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slip-off slope [The long, low, relatively gentle slope on the inside of a meander, produced on the downstream face of the meander spur by the.