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Learn how to perform the skater hop, a bodyweight cardio exercise that hammers your lower body.

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To do Skater Hops, make sure you have enough space to hop side to side. To set up, start standing to one side of the space you have to use. If you start to the.

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How to do Skater Hops with proper form and technique. See all exercise benefits - muscles worked.

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The main muscles worked by the skater jump are found in your legs and rump. If you're new to this exercise, it's best not to jump straight in.

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Skaters is a cardiovascular exercise in which you perform a lateral jump to get your heart rate up, strengthen your legs and improve stability and balance.

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Learn how to perform Skater Jumps, an exercise that Duncan Keith Extend your left hip, knee and ankle to jump forward and to the right at a.

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Speed Skater Hops. By The Editors of Women's Health Step Aerobics Class in Seattle. What Exercise Looked Like The Year You Were Born.