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An air conditioner works by transforming a refrigerant compound from a gas to a liquid and back again in a continuous cycle. Air conditioners.

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Have you ever felt like your HVAC contractor is speaking an entirely different language than you? Click here to learn what an AC compressor is.

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The purpose of the compressor is to circulate the refrigerant in the system under pressure, this concentrates the heat it contains. At the compressor, the low.

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Wondering what an air conditioner compressor does and why it's important? See what one of our Florida techs has to say. Learn more here.

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If you encounter problems with your AC's compressor, or if it fails and you need to have it replaced, call Ierna's Heating & Cooling and speak to.

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AC compressor An air conditioner compressor is the component in the system that raises the temperature and pressure of the vapor refrigerant.