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Picker Sisters is an American reality television show airing on the Lifetime network. The series and Tanya McQueen, who travel around the United States in search of antiques and rare collectibles for their home decor store in Los Angeles.

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The names may sound familiar to you because they each were part of and also started her own design business in Los Angeles in

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Hey Picker Brothers and Sisters!!!! TAKE CREDIT Whether you make a business out of picking, or own any other type of business, this iPhone app is slick.

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Well the answer is interesting and in typical "Picker Sister" style completely annoying. From The Picker Sister MY Lifetime website they call the store a "Pop Up.

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Last Tuesday, August 2, , Picker Sisters aired on the Lifetime Establishing shots in show episodes feature the store front with a sign that.

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Tanya McQueen and Tracy Hudson criss-cross the country looking in every nook and cranny for great bargains and cool items to fill their new home store.

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We have over small businesses within our small business-so shopping with us is allowing for so The Owners are Sisters – We are the Real Picker Sisters.

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That show, "American Pickers," has made stars out of all three people. "My sister and I used to do Roller Derby together," explains Colby. "That name has stuck my entire life," she says, noting that it was her name when.