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Joel Nichols, whose career as a Kansas City weatherman spans a quarter century, has left KMBC Channel 9. Station news director Sherrie.

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Ex-KMBC weatherman Joel Nichols starts his new gig on Channel 41 a program that in his view showcases the good news around town.

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Lara Moritz KMBC. Journalist. Broadcasting & Media Production in Kansas City, Missouri. Pages Liked by This Page. Katie Horner KMBC · ABC News.

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Just as was getting under way local television station KMBC released two of its weather And though KSHB Channel 41 recently announced Nichols will be joining their station this summer, I mean, let's face it – TV news and weather is mostly being able to correctly read a And that's what's happening in KC now.

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You've probably noticed a familiar face at KMBC-TV over the last month. KRCG in Jefferson City has hired Maria Miller as news director. . The deal may be dead, but the uncertainty remains. Tribune six years. With Joel Nichols' recent departure, that leaves Crystle Lampitt as the only regular host.

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Joel Nichols no longer works KMBC Channel 9, the local television station dispatched weather news to Kansas City viewers starting in

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Joel Nichols is returning to local TV sets, this time with KSHB 41 Action News. Joel Nichols' hiatus from local television sets will end this.

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By most accounts former KMBC TV “weatherman” Joel Nichols truly is a “But he could join the morning show or do news on the station,” says.