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Te Taha Tinana (physical health),. Te Taha Whanau (family health). The Whare Tapa Wha can be applied to any health issue affecting Maori from physical to.

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Making healthier choices means that we can be there for our whānau, and take leadership in helping our loved ones live longer and healthier lives too. A good.

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Hauora is a Māori philosophy of health unique to New Zealand. It comprises taha tinana, taha hinengaro, taha whanau, and taha wairua. way people live, the search for meaning and purpose in life, and personal identity and self-awareness .

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One model for understanding Māori health is the concept of 'te whare tapa services lack recognition of taha wairua (the spiritual dimension).

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Four concepts of hauora Websites Taha wairua - spiritual well-being Remember that all this information supports the meaning of hauora.

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Culture is defined as a way of life of a particular group of people at a It is for this reason a beginning introduction of Māori concepts is Te Taha Hinengaro.

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Māori health is underpinned by four dimensions representing the basic beliefs of life – te taha hinengaro (psychological health); te taha wairua (spiritual health);.

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Mental health is ultimately a resource that exists in all people. For Māori, taha hinengaro describes the expression of thoughts and feelings of our mind, heart.

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It encompasses a holistic viewpoint and is defined within four distinct 1) Taha tinana (physical well-being) - relates to caring for one's physical.