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run into someone meaning: to meet someone by chance. Learn more.

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run into sb meaning: 1. to meet someone you know when you are not expecting to: 2. to meet someone you know when you are not expecting to. Learn more.

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Apr 11, Top definition. ran intounknown ยท Idiom for saw or be in contact. Heard in the Southern United States. I ran into Sally at the bank today.

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Definition of run into someone in the Idioms Dictionary. run into someone phrase. What does run into someone expression mean? Definitions by the largest.

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Define run into (phrasal verb) and get synonyms. What is run into [run into someone/something] to hit someone or something by accident while you are driving.

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run into somebody/something meaning, definition, what is run into If you do run into difficulties, there are two possibilities; neither of which is desirable. 1.

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Another word for run into someone: meet, encounter, bump into, run across, chance upon | Collins English Thesaurus.

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Run into definition: If you run into problems or difficulties, you unexpectedly begin to experience them. If you run into someone, you meet them unexpectedly.