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On 12 August , a series of explosions killed people and injured hundreds of others at Fires caused by the initial explosions continued to burn uncontrolled "Casualties Increasing in Huge Explosion in China", News Today.

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Fire engulfed dozens of trucks near the plant in Hebei Province after a blast that could be heard more than a mile away. The cause was.

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An explosion at an industrial park in China's Sichuan province has left 19 people dead and 12 others injured, officials say. In a statement quoted by Reuters, the authorities in Jiang'an county said the blast happened at a chemical plant run by Yibin Hengda Technology.

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Two massive explosions in China's northern city of Tianjin have left Officials insist it is not yet clear what triggered the blasts and say they are.

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A gas leak at a plant owned by a ChemChina subsidiary caused a blast Fire Kills 10 in China's Tianjin Port City Where Deadly Explosions.

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A new report by China's top governing body identifies the cause of an explosion at a hazardous goods warehouse in Tianjin's harbor in August.