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The drill holes left in fossil shells by hunters such as snails and slugs in shaping animal evolution has been contentious, Kowalewski said.

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Animals with two shells hinged together are known as bivalves. A whelk or a conch would use their radula to drill into the clam and then slurp.

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With its radula, the Moon Snail drills a perfectly round, small hole your necklace; you can thank the bivalve animal that made the shell.

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The holes are so perfect, that the shells can be used as a Once the snail breaks through the shell, it will kill and eat the animal inside.

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Many molluscs, such as the moon snails, prey on other molluscs by drilling a hole in the shell with their radulas, which are like ribbons with many small chitinous.

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lady-in-waiting venus clam with drill hole was most likely drilled by some sort of MUREX like GULF OYSTER DRILLS. Aha! That's why they.

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Mollusks drill holes in clam shells using their tongue.