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Biebs is someone who likes to party and lifeguard. Loading Top definition. Biebsunknown . Biebs." Basically it can go anywhere you'd say, "I'm just sayin'".

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Obvs the 49 Beliebers who received the surprise lyrics from Biebs There's still one question left for the Biebs though: What do you mean?!.

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"What Do You Mean?" is a song recorded by Canadian singer Justin Bieber for his fourth studio . as hell, allowing us to glimpse the vulnerability behind the megastar fa├žade as Biebs grappled endearingly with the mysteries of womankind .".

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Chris and Jonny stopped by for an exclusive chat with Capital's Dave Berry and we challenged them to take on Biebs' 'What Do You Mean'.

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Biebs MORE than made up for his emotional break-down during this year's MTV VMAs, by knocking his new Big Top 40 chart-topper out of the park!.

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Finally, the Biebs' new single is here! Watch: Justin Bieber's rolling with his skateboarding homies in 'What Do You Mean'. Erin Jensen.

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At press time, Biebs had yet to offer up an explanation as to why he was sporting the slogan, but current theories range from it being the name.

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Really, Biebs? Couldn't we have used the iPhone's torch instead of releasing harmful chemicals into a very small, shared air space? Oh, and.