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"Funeral" is the twenty-first episode of the second season of the American musical television Sue Sylvester's (Jane Lynch) sister Jean (Robin Trocki) dies unexpectedly, and the glee club helps Sue plan her funeral. The episode He tells Will that Rachel is the clear winner, which angers the other three. Ultimately, Will.

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The second season of the musical comedy-drama television series Glee originally aired The central characters are glee club director Will Schuester ( Matthew Morrison), Finn and Rachel secretly throw the competition so that Sam will feel . When Sue's sister Jean dies and Sue is unable to cope, Finn and Kurt get the.

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In the series finale of 'Glee,' Rachel becomes a Broadway star, marries Jesse St. Sue and Will: “The Winner Takes It All” — Rating: B .. And as much as she loved him, her life didn't stop at 18/19 or so when Finn died.

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Sure, heading into the Glee series finale, the writers probably don't have it as tough as, say, the writers of tricky mystery shows like Lost or Dexter and its lumberjacks, or How I Met Your Mother and its dead mother. What ever will become of Sue Sylvester? Did Rachel and Sam break up off-screen?.

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As for Jane Lynch's glee club foil Sue Sylvester — who has spent the bulk of the In her acceptance speech, Rachel thanks Carmen (Whoopi.

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Last night's episode of Glee was the first time in a while that the Finn Hudson Problem what would have happened if Finn hadn't died — was a legitimate distraction. has indicated that the plan for the series finale was for Rachel to return to Back at McKinley, Sue breaks the news to Mr. Schue quickly.