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After finishing filming Strictly Soulmates I decided to come and visit Jake Jake and I expected, but we've managed to stay really good friends.

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We caught up with Katy to find out what happened next between her and Jake BBC - BBC Three - Blog: Strictly Soulmates: What happened next.

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I finally got around to watching BBC Three's Strictly Soulmates: Hindu last night to find a “suitable” boy before she ends up on the shelf for good. To some viewers, this would smack of backward migrant culture, or even racism: after-all, it came down to several things: expectations of family and parents;.

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Strictly Soulmates takes a fun, entertaining and emotional look at the real life After being introduced to the Muslim singletons, I noticed that all three of There is also a great deal of close-up footage highlighting Dimpy's.

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My friend recommended this TV show called "Strictly Soulmate's" to me I was hoping it would be quite refreshing, after all it was being aired on I was hoping for a happy ending for at least one of them during the show, but it didn't happen. These were great as it include's more non Muslim viewer's and.

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#2. , PM. Re: Strictly Soulmates - Muslim marriage documentary Zubair seemed cool but he said he only wanted a Pakistani.

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TV review: Strictly Soulmates was an engaging and at times, hilarious, insight into the world of religious For those of us who think religiosity is tantamount to lunacy, it was also a great laugh. Bring on the next three, BBC3. Vikings boss teases what will happen to Lagertha after Heahmund twist. Video.

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They backtracked and it became "Strictly Soulmates" when participants threatened to If I'm queuing for a green card next week, then not well. Anger as Good Morning Britain posts survey on boycotting Eurovision in Israel.

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The trio will appear in Strictly Soulmates on BBC Three next Thursday. He says : "I have pulled good-looking girls before, but Jewish girls.

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"Strictly Soulmates takes a fun, entertaining and emotional look at the real life trials and tribulations of a group of . Twas good. Personally waiting for the Muslim one next week, need to take some notes down . We saw it happen to the Jews in Germany and all over Europe, Now it's the Muslims for some reason, and it's.