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Thomson's gazelle (Eudorcas thomsonii) is one of the best-known gazelles. It is named after . Grant's gazelle is very similar to Thomson's gazelle, but can be differentiated by its larger size and a large white patch on the rump. The two . Young female gazelles may associate with their mothers as yearlings. Young males.

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“If you are here to hurt us then you should know that I will defend every person in the clearing Our silence dragged on until the gazelle shifted into a young girl.

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Very pensive is the faee of that bright and beauteous lady. She starts; a warm voluptuous lip presses her soft aud idle hand. It is her own gazelle. With his large .

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This gazelle and the young antelope would follow me together, not only in my which was taken charge of by a little girl, and nothing delighted it so much as to.

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Younger and non-territorial rams may form bachelor groups that move around the edges of In doing so, Grant's gazelles avoid competition and are able to survive on . When a female gazelle is in estrus, her urine contains sex pheromones.

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Thomson's gazelles form small herds but are socially very flexible (2) (3). Herds of .. Young female gazelles may associate with their mothers as yearlings.

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The majority of the motifs characteristic for the gazelle are found in this context. to the models of female divinity (Chapter 8). Nursing the young. 26 procession scenes discussed in Chapter 5, is so abundant that.

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thought she was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. and her whole wardrobe, chip hat and all, was not worth twenty francs—so Mrs. E set The other was too young to show any decided character, though the balance was “ in your own are united the gazelle-like softness of the one and the rich hues of the other.

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Not only can they not run as fast or for so long as adults, but in addition they after birth whereas in hider species the young lie hidden at some fawns per year. Since female gazelles are rarely successful in actively defending their young.