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In the weird, wonderful Five Nights At Freddy's fanbase the question has popped up every so often, “Which animatronic would be your boyfriend?”. Keep in mind I portray the FNAF animatronics differently than most people, and have NOT included the nightguards. Every wondered who.

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Fnaf 4 is scary. A. True. B. False. What animals are the robots. A. Panda, Duck, Lion, Wolf. B. Polar bear, Canary, Leopard, Coyote. C.

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Hello this is Salamina or Sally for short! Everyone is going to ask a question! Chica you are first! Chica: OKAY! DO U LIKE PIZZA? What kind of.

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Uh, hey! This is a very old quiz and I accidently removed everything I typed here ! So I'd recommend you to leave, but you can answer these.

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FNAF (2). Fnaf is a scary game and has 4 games and lol it's very scary I nearly peed my pants! Take this quiz, to see what Pole-Bear, toy animontronic you are !.

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This quiz tells you which FNAF character your mostly like. . quiz to find out what fnaf character you are form the 4 games, and let me know what your result was.