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The following is an incomplete list of notable people who converted to Islam from a different religion or no religion. This article addresses only past professions of.

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In other words, Christianity as a whole loses more people than it gains Among those who have converted to Islam, a majority come from a.

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Do I need a Muslim name? You are encouraged to choose a Muslim name. It is not compulsory for Converts to adopt 'bin Abdullah' or 'binti Abdullah'.

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These four people share what it's like to be a Muslim convert in Credits: GET MORE.

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How common are converts to Islam? And why do The census in England and Wales does not ask people about their past religions. British.

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EVERY year, thousands of British people convert to Islam. A Westerner who converts to Islam is making a self-conscious move in a.

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But among Muslims, you may hear people who have chosen to adopt Islam refer to themselves as "reverts" instead. Some use the two terms.