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The origami chair is very similar to the fractal origami rose. Both models make use of three consecutive cushion folds. The only difference is (1) if you turn the.

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Learn how to make a useful origami divider to fit a regular origami masu box. Designed by Paolo Bascetta, this origami box divider is the perfect solution to keep.

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There is a variety of origami furniture - mostly chairs and tables - available for purchase. Some are made from cardboard while others are made with metal or.

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Inspired by the Japanese technique of Origami, each one of the. multidisciplinary designer Aljoud Lootah creates geometric furniture for “The.

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Inspired by paper craft, this ergonomic chair and functional wall shelf look like they're cut and folded, just like origami, creating sculptural forms.

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With a concept of simple perfection, the architect Giancarlo Zema has created Gothìk, for Origami Furniture. It consists of an innovative modular system for trade .

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Origami Furniture - DESIGN NATURE TECHNOLOGY - Italian brand of ecofriendly furniture and design made of recycled and recyclable honeycomb cardboard.