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Install DOSBox v to a different directory and then use its files to stop the screen from stretching to a widescreen resolution and preserve the aspect ratio. The Blood's music files come in a very handy ogg format.

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how do i get the game to run in x fullscreen.

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Welcome to my guide for "One Unit Whole Blood". majority of mods and allows modern controls, mouse look, and widescreen out of the box.

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The odd x resolution is a good fit for windowed gameplay on a p monitor. Blood: One Unit Whole Blood press “enter” to switch between full screen and windowed mode. Get a mod if you want widescreen.

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The One Unit Whole Blood Launcher is recommended for the best experience. a Duke Nukem 3D source port that provides modern features such as widescreen resolutions and dynamic lighting. Full controller support.

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THIS IS FULL VERSION - THIS INCLUDES + MB OF CD QUALITY AUDIO TRACKS. This patch fixes all major issues I've found within the.

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A resolution on a DOS game? Could video cards .. more questions: Do you have Duke3d Atomic Edition and One Unit Whole Blood?.