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Things I do when im sick! check this out people over there:D.

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Okay y'know what I'm gonna soapbox for a hot minute. When I was in high school , a man who I'd thought was the parent of a school friend followed me out to the.

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MYCHONNY - THINGS I DO WHEN I'M SICK ※. (Source: crossgrid, via sajeje- blog-blog). Sep 23, · yinyama liked this. appleblonde reblogged this from.

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See more ideas about Youtube, Youtubers and Fun things. My chonny is an amazing utuber!#mychonnylove! . Things I do when I'm home alone. Starbucks .

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~Hey Angel You Like Duh Rice, I Neva Get Sick Of You~ | See more ideas about Youtube, Youtubers and Angel. Chonny & Bubz <3 Matthew Gray Gubler, Things To Think About, . ido u I am professionally fangirling over you❤ ♥ omgggg he is so cute tyler if you read this you are hot.

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Sick. Okay so at the moment I'm sick. I honestly hate being sick. Hey everyone (: Omg I know i always do this lol, I always say I'm sorry for not for me? im into books about ghosts or supernatural stuff with a bit of romance.

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I remember when things I normally took for granted, like taking out my lunch, would get When non Chinese people did try to bully me, they often brought up Asian . I'm assuming OP is asking about growing up in America in an Asian minority .. back in where Asian commedians like Mychonny and PeterChow were.

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GradeAUnderA. Remember when he said he wouldn't become a drama channel ? Yeah how'd that work out.

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rosetteshay wrote: I'm sick of her being in the Wassabi Productions I don't know if anyone watches MyChonny, but his girlfriend is SUCH a great sport. . Also why is it so hard for them to collab or do something together.