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We explore the laws related to traffic stops, when police can search your vehicle, what happens when an officer violates the law and more.

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In late June, the Federal Ninth Circuit Court (which is responsible for guiding how laws and local ordinances are enforced in California) ruled that a Los Angeles.

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If the initial encounter between you and the police was not consensual, Both the Mendocino County DUI court case and the Ukiah DMV case will be stopped or detained and/or Mendocino County law enforcement had no reasonable He was extremely knowledgeable about my rights and what needed to be done next.

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The flashing red-and-blues of a police car in the rear-view mirror have the unique effect of making even the most innocent of drivers feel like.

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The Division partners with the Ukiah Police Department for code enforcement When do I need to call for an inspections after my permit has been issued?.

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Notice of intent to sue: This morning on Walmart property Ukiak PD and All in one towing conspired to deprive me of my constitutional rights to due process and.