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The main course is the featured or primary dish in a meal consisting of several courses. In the United States and Canada (except Quebec), the main course is traditionally called an "entrée". English-speaking Québécois follow the modern.

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Comprehensive list of synonyms for parts of meals, by Macmillan Dictionary raw vegetables cut into pieces and served before a meal with a thick cold sauce called a dip a food served in small amounts before the main course of a meal.

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Appetizer, entrée, dessert. This three-course meal American meal might be fine and dandy for people who don't speak French, but for those of.

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For a start, we most often eat only courses with maybe a couple more but which wasn't really called anything until the French and English.

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Question: "Entree" means "entry" in French, so why do we call the main course of our meals the "entree"? It seems that "entree" should refer to.

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Indeed. My American parents adopted the European method of eating during the many years we lived outside the U.S., and so that is what I use.

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American's say "entrée" for main course. While in the UK, Australia Is this just another reason to be called knuckleheads? Not really. Michael.

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When did it become okay to call a main course an entrée? You don't need to be a French speaker to translate the word -- it means entrance.