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Cast on the required number of stitches and knit your first row. Continue knitting until your scarf is the length you desire, and then you can cast off your knitting.

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You can start off by knitting a scarf for beginners. knitters, It's easier to use thick needles and bulky yarn because it'll make the knitting of the scarf much faster and easier. Never leave your knitting in the middle of a row, or it will pull funny. 3.

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Several different stitches are needed to knit a scarf, but many are used with U.S. size nine and seven needles along with two or three gram.

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Basically as my thread title implies I was told by the lady in the shop that ten stitches on size 10mm needles would be sufficient, but having cast.

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With 7 brilliant tips, your handknit scarves will look much more polished. or rows of garter stitch, seed stitch or another mix of knit and purl.

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I want to do a average scarf but i don't know how many stiches to cast on. Then, after knitting a few rows, you can check and see how the.