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"These doctors did not stop," Joe Tiralosi said, fighting through tears to find the It was his presence when he came in that made us all say we're not going to give up," Watch local video from CBS Station WCBS in New York.

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Joe Tiralosi was revived after forty minutes without a heartbeat. But as Parnia notes, there are “many problems” with that view. Interestingly, he said that there were other people in the tunnel, whom he did not recognize.

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Early one afternoon in August , Joe Tiralosi, a year-old professional sense,” he writes, and when he saw the James Cameron film again recently, he kept coming back to the same question: When did each of those.

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Joe Tiralosi was dead for 47 minutes. Tiralosi claimed he saw “some sort of spiritual . Only then did he say a few sentences about how people's NDEs.

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In , chauffeur Joe Tiralosi was wheeled into the emergency . He was determined to design an experiment that could identify the nature of.

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In other words, he helps bring people back from the dead -- and some return with stories. Their tales could help save lives, and even change scientific ideas Wired: One of the first after-death accounts in your book involves Joe Tiralosi, Wired: What can we learn from the fact that people report seeing the.

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Amazing Things Are Happening Here Joe Tiralosi began to feel ill to a nurse what was wrong, but before he could finish, he collapsed. The dominant, scientific view of the brain is that such a thing would be impossible.

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He leads off with the story of Joe Tiralosi, a Brooklyn man who died He said, 'I know I was asleep, but I could see it when I was looking down.

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Docs stunned after Joe's heart stops for 45 MINUTES — and he lives! Still, Tiralosi's heart did not begin beating again. Doctors began losing.