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James Howard Marshall III (born February 6, ) is president and owner of MDH Industries, his net worth was $26 million. Even though the award was reduced to $11 million plus legal fees, Marshall III filed bankruptcy on July 11,

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James Howard Marshall II (January 24, – August 4, ) was an American businessman, academic, attorney, and government official. His life spanned.

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American oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II made headlines with his late-life marriage to Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith. J. Howard Marshall II was born on January 24, , in Germantown, Pennsylvania. While serving as assistant dean of Yale Law, J. Howard Marshall II co-wrote.

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Actor Martin Landau stars as J. Howard Marshall and Agnes Bruckner as Anna Nicole Smith Star in Lifetime's cable movie "The Anna Nicole.

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“She did not know why she was in bankruptcy,” the unidentified Chapter 11 J. Howard Marshall – with the resulting court battle over Marshall's wealth.

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“I really don't care much about riches, but I do care about achievement. That's all that matters.” —J. Howard Marshall II. This isn't a post about.

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including Oscar winner Martin Landau (as Anna Nicole's wealthy husband J. Howard Marshall), Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen (as Anna's.