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In JSF application, you can change your application locale programmatically like this faces-config xmlns="".

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JSF Internationalization - Learn Java Server Faces (JSF) in simple and easy steps starting from Following steps are required to internalize a JSF application .

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Specifically, our sample application will be able to translate a message . package jeffersonsiow.comationalization;.

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This tutorial jsf2 internationalization example shows how we make The above configuration uses FacesServlet which is related to Java Server Faces. Remember we cannot have multiple URL pattern for JSF application.

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The following sections show how to use Internationalization in JSF. xmlns:ui="" >

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For example, jeffersonsiow.comties files in jeffersonsiow.come.i18n Since Java EE 6 / JSF 2, there's also the new JSR Bean Validation API which is.

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JSF Internationalization Example JSF reads the language-specific property file automatically depends on the default I registered both the locale specific property files in file application> import