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On April 13, Hanzi (Imran Khan) was permanently banned from the show. After making some derogatory remarks to both Howard and his family the ban.

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Conspiracy theorist and Wack Packer Hanzi called in and of course immediately began complaining that he's never allowed on the show.

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I've been a fan for years, but had to take a hiatus from listening for a while. By the time I got back to listening it's like Hanzi just vanished.

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The last few times he called he pointed out to Howard how he has changed and what a hypocrite he has become. Sadly by banning Hanzi he.

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I haven't heard anything about him in weeks. Did he finally piss Howard off?.

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He is a paranoid Pakistani who lives with his parents in Canada. He believes very strongly in conspiracies because of his mental illness and thinks that the.

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As if being banned the first time wasn't enough, Hanzi got a second dose of it during Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show. Hanzi was banned.

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Hanzi Vs Jammer Scam on Periscope. Hanzi from the Howard Stern Show tells Jimmernam Howard Stern Parody impersonator with a bleeding.