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May 15, (the "License"); you may only use this Documentation if you The Original Documentation is “ User Guide for Version 2.x”.

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Jul 14, Chapter 1 (Introducing includes instructions on starting new documents, opening existing documents, and saving documents.

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Why Apache OpenOffice: Easy-to-use. Easy to choose, easy to install, easy to learn - Apache OpenOffice is the easy choice for an office software suite.

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Jul 14, Working with Documents . Programmers who want to work directly with Java or C++ rather than Basic should consult the.

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Jun 30, Working with Text · Working with Frames and Sections · Tables · Images and OLE Objects · Styles on Writer · Paragraph and Character Styles.

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Please use the Forums or Users mailing list for these types of problems. OpenOffice Documentation. OpenOffice Wiki: Documentation area FAQs, User Guides.

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Jul 5, This section describes the use of the five views. Normal view. This is the main view for creating individual slides. Use this view to format and.

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Dec 29, The Guide will make a liberal use of screenshots to visually display the area being documented. Because Apache OpenOffice is available on.