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Hello, i wonder if Ps3 can be connected to two TV´s so you don't need use split screen when you play multi-play?.

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So, if you use two p and one p, your overall resolution will downscale to p on each display. Yes, there is a real, visible difference.

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And unless the game has that option built in, I don't think the PS4 has any settings to make multiple monitors work. Even with the PS3, I think.

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is there any way to play a game on a single concle with 2 players that would be split screen but have the game show up on two different.

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If I were to use an hdmi splitter I could display the same split screen on two displays, this doesn't solve anything though. I am wondering, would.

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Using Two TVs For PS3 Multiplayer I absolutely hate playing games in split screen mode. In fact, it's probably why I love sidescrollers so much.

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If you want your PS4 to output to two screens, simply plug whatever extender . What I need need to find both items that work with PC,PS3,PS4.