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The soles of your Nike Jordan athletic shoes can yellow over time due to oxidation and daily wear. To avoid damaging your kicks permanently,

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To make matters worse, once clear shoe soles yellow, making them look good Consider sealing the soles to slow down the yellowing process. How do I get my pine green foamposites icy without Sea Glow or is that the best solution? Like.

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How do you keep you icy soles from yellowing? Before looking at some potential solutions, let's first understand the process of how our icy.

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Make your soles go back to the original state! I first learned it through a YT video of a guy un-yellowing a playstation one or nintendo console.

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Who likes yellow soles? Clean your soles with Angelus Sole Bright. This ole protector is great for Jordan soles, shoe restoration, and custom sneaker projects.

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If you're reading this article on how to clear yellow soles, it's probably because one or more of your sneaker's outer soles have "yellowed" with time.

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Just incase, here is the cure for yellowed soles. . However, yellowing that goes down deep into the sole is mainly due to the natural slightly.

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Nike Foamposites are a staple of many a sneakerhead's closet. Here are 20 things you Penny did what any sneakerhead would do, and busted out the Sharpie to fix the problem. POST CONTINUES the Foamposite One. via Sole Collector.