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Transfer credit from your mobile (prepaid or postpaid) to your family members and friends with prepaid numbers. It provides flexibility of transferring credit in.

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The etisalat Credit Transfer service is a new service that gives you the convenience of transferring credit/balance from your Postpaid or Prepaid account to.

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International credit transfer is now easier than ever. As an etisalat user, you will be able to gift airtime to your loved ones overseas, or recharge your Prepaid.

tally marks on hands whovians vs trek News ☆ Learn about the easy way ☎ how to transfer credit on Etisalat ☎ from your number to your friend's number. You can also find.

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The procedure for transferring airtime Etisalat (9Mobile) is not complicated. check your balance by using the 9Mobile (Etisalat) airtime balance code. For instance, you want a credit airtime of "N", so dial: * * #.

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If you're not using an MTN-branded device, you can request for MTN's . Before you transfer credit on the Glo network, you must activate Glo.

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Procedures on How to transfer credit on Etisalat Line/Sim you will be able to share credit to your friends and family using the Etisalat network.

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How to transfer airtime on MTN, Airtel Etisalat & Glo. Before you can transfer credit, you have to change the default pin which is

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On Etisalat, you can send credit from one line to another so long as both lines are Etisalat. Other mobile networks like Airtel, MTN and Glo also have this feature.