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Why should you stop check your email? Many of us receive hundreds of emails per day (even hour!), making it more and more difficult to relegate responding.

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How to Stop Obsessively Checking Your Work Email (and Stressing Yourself Out) to constantly—almost obsessively—check for emails throughout the day.

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Seven Reasons You Check Email So Frequently – And How To Stop This leads to us anxiously check email constantly – even though most emails we get.

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Jocelyn K. Glei, author of “Unsubscribe: How to Kill Email Anxiety, Avoid Distractions and Get Real Work Done” says that while checking emails.

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Is your work-life balance suffering? Here's why emails may be the cause and why you should stop checking emails at all hours.

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How to Stop Checking Email Like an Addict Most troubling, I catch myself emailing instead of being fully present with the people I love most.

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Adjust smartphone settings so new emails don't appear on your lock screen Actively keep track of how many times you check email each day.

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Stop checking your work email after hours with these 4 tricks. to answer work emails in the evening—but to prevent all employees from even sending emails.

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My world didn't stop, but I did miss Gmail. If I wasn't spending six hours a day checking emails, I would have more time for face-to-face.

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Checking emails and multitasking is ruining your productivity. Here are 7 must do tips to save time, get more done and reduce stress!.