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Use the paracord to hang the slide. Spray it down with your paint of choice. Just make sure you are using a paint rated for the surface of your.

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im wanting to paint my slide is thier anything store bought i can use that Also, it has to be % free of contaminates before you spray it.

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I am looking to have a chrome or nice shiny stainless steel finish on glock slide I was thinking i could chrome spray paint it then duracoat it any.

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Any recommendations as to how to "paint" the slide, something that will full of gun guys that bedazzle their guns (goofy slide cuts notwithstanding). . The plastic frames can be painted with any quality spray can paint and.

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Modern spray-on finishes allow you to make your pistol one solid color, ( Shown is a rifle action; the slide and frame for the project gun.

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It isn't any tougher than any other paint and your slide shouldn't get hot If you cheap out and use spray paint atleast buy good paint and prep.

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Looking for the best rattle can method for spraying a glock slide. my time spiffying up a gun I'd think polish would be longer lasting than paint.

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You can easily change the color of any rifle or pistol by painting it in it's entirety Spray each metal part with the degreasing agent and wipe it down with a clean.

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If you're looking to paint your gun you better be sure you use the right paint. See our top picks here to help you choose the best gun paint & gun sight paint. They create world-class paints for many purposes and this range of spray . Secure your slide assembly with a clamp or padded gun vice until the sights are level. 5.

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Gear Court: Shake 'N Spray DuraCoat Finishing Kit a Keeper My husband has a Springfield XDM with the stainless steel slide and I have to.