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A field goal scored by a team into their own basketball shall be recorded as scored At the beginning of each quarter the scorer is to change to a different colour The referee shall be the last to sign the score sheet and this act terminates the.

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Scorekeeper Training Manual. How to Keep enjoyable basketball experience every game. And it all quarter per half and no player can participate in all four.

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As scorekeeper, you may be called to do the score sheet or the score board. First and Third Quarter: The clock stops on the referee's whistle during the last 10 .

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At the end of each quarter, enter the totals for each team in the appropriate boxes . This is always a great time to ensure that your totals match what is on the.

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The 'Scorer' is responsible for completing the score-sheet. After team reaches five (5) team fouls per quarter, other team is in 'double bonus'.

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Should ensure the Scorer receives the correct information to record on the .. the score at the end of each quarter/half in the proper section of the score sheet.

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Umpire. Scorer. Phone. Team. Shirt. Head. Name. Colour. Coach. No. Fouls. First Half. Second Half. Overtime. Total. 1 2 3 4 5. First Quarter. Second Quarter.

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1, Team: Jersey Color, Record, Coaches: Score by Quarters. 2, Conf: Overall: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, OT, Final. 3, Date: At: Attendance: Home. 4, Visitor. 5, Alternate.