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A $15 thrift store love seat with ripped and DIRTY fabric is reupholstered (first reupholstery project ever!) in aqua and white for a girl's room.

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While you may adore that loveseat, not all pieces of furniture can be reupholstered. You will want to take a look at your furniture first and see if it is worth the.

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Furniture upholstery prices range vastly depending on the project, quality and amount of materials, and the upholsterer. Here's what you need.

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We found a living room set that included a large sofa, love seat, chair and a half, the steps of stripping the fabric off of the couch and reupholstering the couch.

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Learn how to reupholster a couch using an existing slip cover or fabric this, I think I can reupholster my wing back loveseat without sewing!.

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Many people have a loveseat but hate the color or the fabric. Likely you don't have the money to buy a new one or to pay someone to recover it.

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Designer John Gidding from TLC's 'Trading Spaces' reboot shows you how to give your loveseat an instant makeover in this video.

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I was kind of surprised (but pleased) at the big response to my $15 loveseat redo A $15 thrift store love seat with ripped and DIRTY fabric is reupholstered (first.

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Sixteen years ago I bought a very top end large couch and loveseat. They have been in my formal living room and are in excellent condition. However, the fabric .

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The total cost of reupholstering a couch includes fabric, supplies and labor for a small two-cushion sofa, up to $3, or more for a large sofa.