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NPCscan is a program add on created to enhance World of Warcraft. You can use the program to scan your character files and alert you to Non-Player Character (NPC). You can learn how to clear the NPCscan cache, in order to reset NPCscan to continue searching for rare mobs.

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Does anyone know how to get the cache on npc scan to clear can't seem to find any option that clears it.

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So, I have some questions about the addon: NPC Scan. At least you don't have to constantly delete the cache folder like you used to if it was.

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so i know most of you use _npcscan in mop to find rare mobs in timeless isle and around in pandaria but after it finds 1 mob it doesent search.

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Look through the options, reset to default if you need to. and disable all addons and then enable ONLY NPCScan and NPCScan overlay.

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Regarding your problem - maybe you should delete all NPCScan + files . ( Shortcut to delete for npcscan addon).