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Wood beneath carpet will have to be removed in order to replace subfloor. It will be nearly impossible to match existing floor boards with new wood flooring. Typically the subfloor is installed on top of the floor joists.

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All About Installing Hardwood Floors Over Different Subfloors The four main types of subfloors most often found in homes as shown in the photographs below.

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Below grade, a plywood or OSB subfloor is optional, depending on your choice of flooring. Floating laminate, engineered hardwood, tile and.

ciccio yountville chowhound chow experts show how to repair a water-damaged subfloor. water leak can damage and even destroy flooring materials and the subfloor below it.

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The damage to the subfloor extended under the wall and up into the .. Is It Necessary To Remove Baseboards When Installing Hardwood.

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When installing hardwood floors, builders often cover wood joists with wood still have concrete subfloor foundations below the ground (known as “grade”).

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If not, your floor covering, which is the solid hardwood, laminate, tile, or other If the perimeter as a whole slopes to the side or middle, the repair that joists or beams below the subfloor are sagging, termite-ridden, or in.

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You can find the subfloor under carpeting, cement or backer board used for tiles or hardwood floors. When the subfloor is damaged, it requires replacement to.